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With the switch over to County 911 on May 5th, station 293 recently upgraded their previous Mobile Data Terminals (MDT) with more state of the art equipment. The previous equipment was outdated and was unable to provide the service that was needed. The new equipment has been installed in three of the fire apparatus at station 293. The new terminals allows the officer of the truck to quickly gain details of the call and also allows the officer to map the location via GPS. This service is provided by county and allows real time updates of the call and gives the officer a better insight of what to expect.


Don't forget:

Beginning at 0800am May 5th 2015  all four West Mifflin Fire Departments will begin utilizing Allegheny County 911 for dispatch services and will no longer be dispatched by the West Mifflin Police Department. To report a Fire/Rescue emergency residents are to begin dialing 911.